PC Workshop had a customer from Stockton Heath bring in his badly virus infected Windows 8  Laptop on which he sony viaohad lots of data plus precious photos of his family which were no longer accessible to him.

Upon start up the system tried to boot and then looped back to the initial options screen and so on for ever. When we see this situation we know that the only way to retrieve data is by removal of the customers hard drive.

So once removed his hard drive and then reattached to another dedicated PC workshop computer as a slave, our Data recovery programmes soon found and rescued this customers work and all his documents, photos etc. then we could start removing the offending viruses and malware. Sometimes this is possible with upto date security but in some cases it does require a complete reformat and start from scratch.

This reformat was the case in this instance but we still managed to complete the work ready for collection later in the day.

We then conduct a thorough scan of his documents prior to transferring them back to his Sony Laptop and installed a good security package which will safeguard him in the future!

He actually collected his laptop at 8pm due to his work commitments as he knew with prior arrangement this was possible with our family run business.

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