PC Workshop offer laptop and desktop users advanced hard drive data recovery services. If your hard drive has failed, you cannot read files or you have data which has been deleted and that you wish to retrieve, we offer services to restore disks and lost data using our advanced recovery tools. We specialise in file retrieval and can recover your data as well as restore your hard drive disks in some cases.

With our 90% Recovery Rate you stand a better chance of us retrieving your data  with PC Workshop

We all practically live our lives on our computers. This means that our lives are on hold when our computer goes wrong and all the data on our devices is unavailable. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a business that has lost all of its essential files, or whether you’ve just lost all the contacts and photos – you need the best data recovery services, and you need them fast.

PC Workshop is your local data recovery company in Warrington. We have state-of-the-art data recovery equipment in Westbrook. Our expert technicians recover critical data from a wide range of operating systems, storage devices and media, including Windows, IMac, Linux, and USB drives.

One of the features that make us stand out as a specialist data recovery company (apart from success rate) is our quick turnaround time, so you don’t have to wait days and days to get your computer up and running again. This is particularly important for businesses, as time is money.

Whether you need to recover valuable business data or irreplaceable personal files, Lost documents, spread sheets, presentations, database files, graphics, photos, music files or virtually any other type of file we put our specialist knowledge and cutting-edge technology to work for you.

If you are suffering from data loss, or your computer / Laptop isn’t running right or unexpectedly shutting down and you can’t access your data, here are a few steps to follow to ensure the highest chance of a successful recovery.

Turn off your computer as continued operation can cause greater damage


  • Do not restart the computer: when a hard drive is in a distressed state, any extra actions can cause more damage
  • Do not install or re-install any software or hardware
  • Do not shake, disassemble, or attempt to clean a damaged drive
  • Do not use a file recovery or other data recovery software to repair damaged drive
  • Do not try to clean or dry a wet drive
  • Do not try to operate a visibly damaged device. Get PC Workshop help!

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