The latest data recovery carried out in our workshop is a first for PC Workshop in that it was from a DVD disc which had two family videos on and no back up to the original.

The DVD burner had been knocked whilst burning and the disc would / couldn’t be recognised in any windows system and or even our hi tech recovery programmes which are aimed principally at hard drives and memory sticks rather than discs.

To make recovery all the more difficult the DVD had a crack running from the centre outwards which didn’t inspire our confidence on a positive result. A decision was taken to purchase a dedicated disc recovery programme to add to our growing library of tools aimed at restoring peoples photos, video, and data because as time goes on we will no doubt see more of this unfortunate problem

Once PC Workshop had installed the programme on oudamaged dvdr resident server the disc wasted no time in firstly locating the data and after just a few minutes transferring it all to our desktop for collection by memory stick or on a new DVD.

The  customer from Stockton Heath was extremely pleased that a good result was obtained and that the cost was well below what he’d imagined it was going to be.

Computers have long become an integral part of our lives and most of our data is stored on Floppy, CD, DVD, Hard Drive, USB Stick, Flash Drive, Memory Card, SD or on another type of media or format.

Making a backup of your important data by writing it to CD, DVD or other media is easy and fast – But it’s never 100% safe!

So what if something goes wrong? What if you lose precious pictures of your loved ones or important business related information? What if you pressed delete by accident? What if the Floppy or CD or DVD or Memory card that you safely stored away doesn’t load anymore?

Simple answer is contact us!!

PC Workshop caters for all types of data recovery problems, give us a ring on Warrington 01925 713359 we wont disappoint you!!

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