With the decision to end support for windows XP on April 14th 2014  taken by Microsoft it will leave a whole lot of people without the ability to safeguard their information as the security patches will no longer be available.

PC Workshop had such a customer call in to us yesterday informing us that his Internet Service Provider “ISP” Talk Talk could no longer supply him with security updates to his “super safe boost” programme which is their in house security package. They advised him to either buy a new computer or upgrade his operating system to either Windows 7 or the dreaded Windows 8 (I say dreaded as its popularity is pitiful)

PC Workshop investigated his current specification and were able to inform the customer that with a memory upgrade his system would be more than capable of running windows 7 logoWindows 7 saving him well over £250 in the process.

The chap from St. Helens whose has been a loyal customer of ours for about 6 years knew he could depend on our advice and gave the go ahead for the upgrade to be carried out, content in the knowledge that he wouldn’t lose any of his current information.

The readjustment to using the “new” Windows 7 operating system isn’t that difficult as it seems to have utilised all the better elements of Windows XP and Windows Vista bringing them together making what we believe a much better organised and visually enhanced system.

The work was completed that same day including installing the latest drivers for all his utilities and finally his Canon printer driver for Windows 7.

It may well be the end of the line for Windows XP but it doesn’t mean the end for your beloved computer, we seem to be becoming a “throw away nation” when in fact we should look at what we have got and consider the options (New, Refurbished or Upgrade) as in this case a massive saving was made and nothing lost. A win win situation.

If your still using Windows XP give us a ring and we will give you free honest advice as to your next step.

PC Workshop are only a phone call away – 01925 713359 – Let us show you your options and help you decide!