I suspect that the first thing most newcomers to Windows 8 will notice is the lack of a Start button and conventional desktop. It’s quite a shock, especially if you’ve spent the last dozen or so years in the company of XP, Vista and W7. If you are willing to dive in and embrace W8 you quickly learn to live without it, but if you prefer to make the change more slowly, or when you are ready, then one of the first programs that you should install is a little freeware utility called start menu 8, the link below takes you there, just RIGHT click and choose open link.

 Start Menu 8 for Windows 8 – IObit

Once on your shiny new PC two things will happen. Firstly Windows 8 loads to the normal desktop view, instead of the tile-based Metro Start page. Second, it creates a XP/Vista/W8 type Start button, along with all of the familiar links and icons. In fact, thewindows 8 start button only way that you would know its Windows 8 is when you press and hold the Winkey, and this toggles the display back to Metro.


The above  link will make all the difference – copy and paste it into your browser.


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