Who’s Trustedinstaller?
Here’s another little irritant that newcomers to the wonderful world of Windows 8 are likely to stumble upon (to be fair W8 is mostly a pleasant experience just as long as you have a TOUCH screen). This one happens if you try delete or rename files, and for some reason W8 says you are not allowed to and only someone called Trustedinstaller has permission to do so. It’s all down to file ‘ownership’ but there’s no mention of who this Trustedinstaller fellow is and all attempts to take control of your files lead nowhere. So what do you do? Well, there are plenty of tutorials on the web showing you how to change the Security settings but be warned, they’re quite long-winded and can be quite difficult to follow. The alternative is a simple Registry hack, first developed for W7, but works fine in W8; just bear in mind that it’s not this is not approved and not recommended for novices, Rather than edit the Registry manually you can download a ready-made Reg file from the How-To-Geek website and all you have to do is double click on it to make the changes, it takes around 10 seconds, and once it’s installed, every time you right-click on file that you want to get rid of, just click Take Ownership, and it’s all yours to do with what you will.takeowner