Virus Removal

Virus RemovalA very important part of keeping your system clean of unwanted elements is good housekeeping! Ensure you update and run extra programmes such as those listed below, they are a safety net for gremlins other than viruses, but if left to build up it WILL slow your system down gradually so you wont notice, until its to late!!

PC Workshop provide professional & affordable virus removal with no hourly rates. Viruses are a challenge for any PC user but fortunately we’re experts at virus removal and we’re here to get you back up and running in no time.

Viruses cause slow performance and pop-ups and are an everyday issue for many PC users. Some spyware may simply cause pop-up adverts to appear constantly but others may be more harmful to either your computer or your data.

Our experienced virus removal experts are on hand to take the stress away from a possible virus infection.
Malware spyware removal
Is your personal information at risk?

Do you purchase items on the Internet? Do you use online banking? How sure are you that your computer is free from infection?

IF your system is sluggish and everything takes an age to perform, its time to have your system revitalised and save the cost of replacement!

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