PC Workshop just returned from a customer in Newton Le Willows. Their Packard Bell computer tower was running really slow due to several viruses and trojans! Which we tend to see on a regular basis generally through a lack of a decent security package which includes a firewall, that coupled with a monthly scan by a couple of malware programmes such as spybot etc. which are free online.

PC Workshop in Warrington managed to remove the virus and some of the problems on-site but decided to take away the infected computer as it wasn’t significantly improved. PC Workshop loaned the customer a computer while theirs was repaired, so they didn’t have that “lost my right arm syndrome”.

The customer was left quite happy in the knowledge that their computer would be back the following day, refreshed and as fast as when it was new!

You would be quite surprised at how much quicker and efficient your computer would be after PC Workshop have reprogrammed it.

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