Sales of refurbished quality computers have reached an all time high recently as people move up to windows 7 before the lifespan of Windows XP runs out which is in April this year.Don’t be left vulnerable to hackers etc, act now and beat the rush!!

PC Workshop are  always ready to go the extra yard and try to help people  make the right decision when their current system seems to have reached the end of its usefulness.  We recently were asked to diagnose why a DELL  computer tower wouldn’t connect to the internet, he had replaced his router TWICE and concluded that it must be his Ethernet card.

old dell set up_opt

Even a visual inspection told you that this computer was very dated and the customer informed PC Workshop that it was at least 12 years old and as long as you weren’t in a rush it would eventually come to the windows XP screen, but  speed being the very essence for internet connection and surfing it was obvious that any monies spent on this computer would be a very short term fix, and his far better option was to replace rather than repair.

After discussing his usage and requirements we came to the conclusion that a new computer was unnecessary as it wasn’t to be used as a gaming machine or that he had any other special needs such a photography / video editing work but a far more upto date would not only suffice but save him in the region of at least £200.

His next concern was for all his old data which included 23Gb of photographs not to be lost! PC Workshop pointed out that we would transfer all his documents, photos etc onto his “new” computer at no extra cost.

The deal was done and we loaned him a notebook whilst the work was completed as he wanted to check email and bank monies as he had been away for a holiday, the computer was delivered and set up in his home for a small fee later that same day and we had a very satisfied customer happy in the knowledge that his “new” computer also carried 3 months warranty on all hardware.

PC Workshop carry refurbished quality computer and laptops as part of normal stock, save yourself money on your next replacement system give us a ring to find out what your options are before paying over the odds for a system that you only utilise 25% of.


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