Latest laptop to come in for some TLC  is a lady’s Sony Vaio with not only a broken screen but also an operating system that runs extremely slow! After looking at the condition and working out the total cost of refurbishment it was decided that as the Vaio was a decent spec and the actual cosmetics of the case were excellent that we would go ahead and replace both the screen and operating

The lady wanted certain data and pictures saving that turned out to be about 20Gb which we did by means of our resident server once we had removed the hard drive from the Vaio case. Having secured all the data, we could then go about reformatting the drive and reinstalling the OS.

With a fresh installation on board together with the latest drivers it was only left to replace the shattered screen which was the quick part of the job.

All done and running like a whippet we installed a excellent security system and a host of other relevant programmes such as malware bytes etc. to safeguard any potential threats in the future.

Once the data had been scanned and in this case cleansed of obnoxious viruses and trojans we transferred the lady’s data back to the relevant folders and when she collected the Vaio we explained about employing a monthly maintenance regime to keep the laptop in tip top condition.

PC Workshop will always give a true call on whether or not work should be carried out based upon certain criteria i.e cost and condition even if it means we don’t get the work! At the end of the day we want satisfied customers who hopefully will return and spread the word of our integrity.

We do carry a small stock of refurbished laptops and towers which are guaranteed so there’s always the possibility of the sale plus we transfer peoples data to the “new” system free of charge.

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