From time to time PC Workshop are asked to step outside their comfort zone so to speak and carry out unusual repairs to items that we don’t come across every day, and this was to be one of those jobs.

photo (7)_optThe company contacted us to ask would we and could we solder some extra wiring to some small RS232 serial devices, we were sent a wiring diagram and from which could see no real obstacle in carrying out the customers wishes.

The real draw back was the confined area to solder both incoming and outgoing wiring harness connections was quite small and the delicate plastics bracket being in very close proximity of the slim line soldering equipment.

Still never shy of taking on a difficult commission PC Workshop soon overcame the obstacles and had the work completed within the afternoon.

The photo shows a finished serial port innards from which you can see is on the small side.

PC Workshop will always consider taking on the obscure jobs as it makes our work that bit more interesting as never two days are alike!

If you have a job that requires skill and dexterity with electrical items give PC Workshop a ring, you never know we just “may” be able to help!

PC Workshop always interested in the one offs 01925 713359

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