Here at PC Workshop we don’t just repair computers as was the case when a new client phoned us with an inquiry for a printer port soldering repair on a Cricut paper cutting machine. cricut machine

Not an every day occurrence but one that we decided to investigate further as the photos show! (ok not David Bailey quality).

IMG_0123_opt(1)We stripped down the machine to board level which for a small machine had more wiring than spaghetti junction where a cursory visual  inspection didn’t reveal any  cracks visible to the naked eye  but under a watchmakers eyepiece small hairline splits appeared to run around the solder joints giving an intermittent signal from the programme to the cutter .

We decided to desolder the port from the “motherboard” clean all the pins and board contacts then resolder back into position.

IMG_0114_optThe unit was then reassembled and tested and we’re very pleased to report the result was a complete success.

PC Workshop will always go the extra yard to help a customer overcome a problem.


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