PC Workshop had a customer from St. Helens bring in a outdated desktop Dell computer, just by its style you could tell it’s better days were behind it but it had served her well for over ten years! to spend any monies on this whatsoever would be a waste and PC Workshop had the task of informing the lady of this and what her options where.dell old pc

It came as no surprise to her as she informed us that her husband had told her this before she even came in to see us for a professional opinion. The Dell had a 40Gb hard drive and only 512 Mb of memory and a P4 processor which was good some years back but no longer viable in this age of speed and technology.

We offered to build a computer to her own specification and having asked her a few relevant questions such as what she actually used her system for we thought it would be of benefit to her to take advantage of one of our refurbished HP towers, saving her the better part of £150 on a new system.

When we explained the specification of a refurbished tower such as a 320Gb hard drive, 4 Gb memory and a Dual core processor she was delighted with her saving and her “new” HP tower, more so when we transferred all her data from her old system to her new one at no extra cost.

PC Workshop also downloaded all the latest drivers for her system including an updated driver for her Epson Stylus photo printer. We generally carry a few quality refurbished systems in laptop and towers, give us a ring to see if you can save a small fortune! While also having piece of mind knowing it still carries a 90 day warranty.

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