PC Workshops reputation for virus removal seems to have spread far and wide as a customer from Sandbach brought in his laptop with a particulars heinous desktop image demanding monies to be paid through a “system” called Ukash! The chap did speak to the police who informed him that this situation was quite prolific and to seek professional help in having it removed, hence the call to ourselves.

Even if you paid ukash to have this removed all that would happen is that they would then have your card details but the locked desktop would remain.

Ukash Virus- the Ukash virus has been spreading the web in many different forms for quite some time now. Although it is most commonly referred to as the “Ukash Virus”  it displays many other fake warnings like the Metropolitan police, United Kingdom Police Virus and many others. These fake warnings will lock up the computer and may cause severe harm to them if not removed.

United Kingdom Police virus

The United Kingdom Police virus is a dangerous type of malware that specializes in extorting money from people. This virus is a part of the virus lockedUkash family of viruses. Ukash viruses are often called Ransomware instead of just malware due to their characteristics. Most people acquire the Ukash virus unknowingly via a download from a corrupted website. People can also attain the virus from an attachment in an email. The best way to ensure that you do not end up with the virus on your computer is to be careful with the files that you download from the internet.

The United Kingdom Police virus and all ransom ware operate by trying to force you to pay for a made up fine. The fine from the United Kingdom Police virus is usually about 100 pounds. Once the virus has infected your computer, it will tell you that you have committed a crime like media copyright infringement. This crime is selected because many people do commit such offenses. This can help maintain the illusion that the police are actually contacting them. It’s extremely important for the virus to keep people believing that they are actually being fined by the police.

While your computer is infected with the virus, you will be unable to properly use it. The virus will block attempts to use your computers programs or view its files until the fine is paid. This is the reason that the virus is called ransom ware. Make sure that you never pay for any of the fines that the program tells you to pay. There is a fairly high chance that your computer not only won’t be unlocked but that your payment information will also be stolen. The United Kingdom Police virus is extremely dangerous and obnoxious to deal with. Attempts should be made to have it removed from your computer as soon as possible.
We removed the virus quite quickly on this occasion and installed a quality security programme which had been sadly lacking beforehand after several deep scans all traces of this virus and other malware was detected and removed with a few tweaks the system was back to its previous fast delivery speed and no interruption to the rest of the system! even his password remained.

If your unfortunate enough for this to happen to you contact PC Workshop who will remove it one way or another 01925 713359