PC Workshop has seen a massive rise in the amount of ps3 repairs since the latest game Grand Theft Auto hit the shelves, we’ve cured more YLOD issues than ever and several playstation repairsblu-ray drives have also been replaced but the latest PS3 “problem” has been the lack of hard drive size to be able to run Grand Theft Auto “GTA” as Sony brought out a cheaper version where the drives are 4Gb and 12 Gb which simply cant cope with  the size of GTA as the game carries a total of around 16Gb.

Makes you wonder what’s the point of under sizing storage space when its not that much more expensive to put a normal hard drive in????

PC Workshops success rate in repairing the YLOD has risen  since we have a adopted a “new” technique in overcoming this phenomenon with only the occasional failure much to the customers delight.

repaired PS3

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