PC Workshop seems to see a lot more blown power supply units “PSU’s at autumn / winter time than any other period of the year, we think probably down to power surges as we all use more electricity in the darker months.psu3

This was the case for a chap from Orford who’d had a PSU fitted only seven months ago by one of our competitors and it had already “croaked” (clue there) when he told me this I explained that it would still be under warranty but he said he couldn’t get hold of the supplier?

Nevertheless PC Workshop carried out our customary diagnostics to ensure a longer life from this PSU simply by voltage testing certain components and all passed with flying colours, we went ahead with fitting the new quality supply unit and the system started first time with no side effects.psu2

The chap collected his computer within 2 hours of bringing it in to us and was more than happy with his invoice as he saved £25 from his last replacement cost.

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