virus lockedPC Workshop has a long standing customer from Widnes who is disabled and contacts us through texting which he did yesterday to say he had the misfortune to be targeted by the police scareware scam which locks up your system until you pay a “fine” which is a total waste of time as all they really want is your credit card details which some people have given only to find that it made no difference to their computer but caused them more hassle changing credit cards etc.

Sometimes there is a quick fix to this scenario which PC Workshop always try first as it saves us time and the customer money, unfortunately on this occasion the quick fix didn’t work and rather than lose all his documents we decided to remove his hard drive and set it up as a slave drive on our resident data recovery system, this computer knows no bounds when it comes to extracting lost work and within the hour the data was fully recovered.

The hard drive was then replaced in the laptop and reformatted together with a fresh install of his windows 7 operating system plus latest the security package and associated updates. All the rescued data was scanned for any further viruses and restored to the corresponding folders. hp pro book

He was extremely pleased to have his laptop back so quickly without losing any of his memories and thanked us profusely, again by text.

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