Over the next few days PC Workshop is going to try and help the windows 8 “afflicted” people of the world or maybe just the Warrington, Widnes, St. Helens, Runcorn,  and Liverpool areas.

Friendlier Windows 8

Moving to Windows 8 can be a bit of a shock if you’ve spent the last 10 years or more learning to drive earlier versions of Windows, but don’t give up, it’s worth the effort. You can ease the transition with a growing range of freeware utilities that restore or enable various features that have been lost or hidden in the swish new interface. We’ve recently shown how to boot W8 into the familiar desktop. Complete with a working Start button, but there are plenty of other thing you can do to make it feel more friendly, and a lot of them are grouped together on the Winaero website. Here you will find over 40 freeware utilities for tweaking the user interface, from a Boot Tuner that puts you in charge of the messages and logos that flash up on the screen at switch on, to WinaeroGlass, which puts the Aero Glass window transparency feature back into W8. Incidentally, the latter is an alpha release, so it may be a bit buggy, but there are plenty of other more refined utilities to try. Also, watch where you click, there are rather a lot of spurious Download buttons on the page, leading to unwanted toolbars, download managers and advertising.


More to follow tomorrow!