PC Workshop has seen figures that show as more people are using laptops than ever before, pro rata the number of laptop thefts are increasing. If your laptop computer is stolen, or if someone gains access to your files, your company, personal and financial data can be exposed.
1.    Don’t use computer bags.
Computer bags only make it more obvious that you’re carrying a laptop. The use of padded briefcases or suitcases is recommended.
2.    Use passwords that are strong, and not kept in the computer bag.
Strong passwords make it more difficult to break into your computer deterring individuals from trying to access your files.
3.    Encrypt data.
With the Windows Operating System, you can choose to encrypt files and folders. Which causes individuals to not be able to read data and see your information.
4.    Keep an eye on your laptop.
Don’t lose sight of your bag, such as when going through airport security.
5.    Buy a laptop security device.
If you need to leave your laptop in a room or at your desk, use a laptop security cable to securely attach it to a heavy chair, table, or desk. The cable makes it more difficult for someone to take your laptop. There are also programs and devices that will report the location of a stolen laptop.
6.    Put your name and contact info on the laptop.
In addition to putting your name on the laptop, it is also recommended that you include a, “Reward with no questions asked if returned.” tag line as well. Both of these increase the chance of your laptop being returned, no matter what the circumstance.

Make sure you have a back up copy of anything that matters to you as memories cant be replaced.

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