psuPC Workshop received a call from a new customer in Padgate, Warrington explaining to us that their Computer tower had died on them and they were very concerned that they’d lost all their pics etc plus the family tree which she had built up was lost.. She continued to inform PC Workshop that even after changing the fuse it still was lifeless and could we help a.s.a.p.

PC Workshop visited the lady’s home as she was reluctant to remove all the wires at the rear of the computer tower and soon discovered it was the power supply unit (PSU), once the old one was removed and replaced with a slightly more powerful PSU all was well and she had lost none of her data, it’s a satisfying part of the job when you achieve a quick result and calm someones nerves!

The lady was quite surprised at her invoice as she expected a much larger bill and gave our engineer a kind tip for his trouble.

PC Workshop are here to help private customers and small business’s alike and look forward to receiving your calls no matter how small the problem!

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