PC Workshop are currently repairing two gaming computers which are twice the size of a normal PC tower and three times the weight due to the need for added ventilation for the expensive graphic cards and general water cooling systems.

These machines produce fantastic on screen images and truly deliver on performance giving the user a “real life” experience.

The costs are somewhat prohibitive but work out cheaper than a premiership football season ticket and they last longer than 12 months.

One is a DELL XPS 730 which has blown several capacitors on the motherboard and the second is a custom built model with a blown power supply, both equally repairable if somewhat more costly than your average PC, but then they’re a special breed of Computer and certainly not your everyday PC.

Its always god to have variation in your work, but the bread and butter PC’s are still a regular occurrence.

All in a days work and a nice change from the norm.

PC Workshop for all your PC problems on 01925 713359 or 07729 917926

We’re two minutes from Junction 8 M62 Nr. M&S IKEA Etc.