PC Workshops availability outside normal working hours was certainly tested this weekend when a lady from Lymm required her computer tower up and running for business for Monday morning and she only brought it in late Sunday morning!

Her computer was running so slow as to be of no use whatsoever and her frustration with its inability to carry out even the most basic task was understandable as in these days of high technology speed is what we have come to expect of all our modern gadgets or they aren’t worth having.acer tower

It was pretty obvious from its cream coloured case that the lady had had her monies worth from this particular model and she told us it was around 8 – 10 years of age and when in the mood ran windows XP for which support ends in April 2014.

PC Workshop always carry quality refurbished systems which carry a warranty and apart from printer drivers for example (which we download in preparation) are ready to plug and play!

We removed the ladies hard drive  and once scanned for viruses etc all her data was transferred to her “new” system and she was ready for her Monday start to her working week!

She was pleased as punch to find all this possible in a couple of hours and showed her gratitude with a nice £10 gratuity! In the meantime she called round to Gemini shopping area (M&S Next etc.) which is round the corner from our premises, I think she spent more there than  with us 🙂

If you need computer help give us a ring on 01925 713359! We work normal hours as well.