PC Workshop has seen quite a rise in requests for networks to be set up in homes and small businesses whether it be two or three pc’s or a mixture of laptops, notepads and especially printers etc. as the benefits of all being able to access documents, photos and music for example saves time and money from duplication costs.

Networking or connecting computers together to share information, has long been one of the more difficult areas of basic computing to get a grasp on, mainly because it is one of those points at which the generally friendly user interface of your average Windows box starts showing cracks, or possibly gaping holes ready to swallow up the unsuspecting user.
Now granted, since windows 98 started the process, Microsoft’s OSs have been getting progressively better at automating the process of connecting computers together, but there is still the external setup required, and that’s where PC Workshop can help streamline the operation with our experience in setting up these seemingly magic protocols.

If your considering setting a network up for your home or office give PC Workshop a ring and let us take the stress while you enjoy the benefits of sharing all manner of data.




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