PC Workshop had one of our regular business customers in at the weekend with  one of their many sandwich shops computers which had lost one of its start up files, put simply it meant  the system would not start! Hardly the scenario you’d want in a busy fast food chain. The owner had been quoted thousands of pounds for a replacement computer as it hold all the database and operating system for reordering etc. as well as its daily sales.

Now there are times when you can replace a lost file quite simply and that’s it  but then there are other occasions you will receive another notification stating the next file in the batch is also missing and so on infinito, this basically means replacing the operating system which is a far quicker route but also would delete the shop programme which is the whole point of this particular computer.

PC Workshop applied a few trusted methods after safeguarding the vital database and within a couple of hours succeeded in replacing the lost file along with a few of its “buddies” the owner was pleased as punch as the shops operate virtually 24-7 plus the small matter that our invoice was less than 2% of the replacement cost she had been quoted.

The following is a quote from the customer on the free index site which gives reviews.

“Took my PC to Kevin to try and retrieve a database file as the remote support team had told me a power surge had destroyed it and I would need a full new system at a cost of £2k+. Kevin found it was only missing a windows dll file and restored this and had everything backup and running in 2 hours and at a fraction of the £2k cost! Would highly recommend you use them for any PC type problems.”

Chris Murphy – 14 Jul 2014

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