Pop ups and malware are a regular visitor to our workbench as companies think the more times you see their name that you will buy from them! Somehow I don’t think that works out to well! PC Workshop encounters this on a regular basis as described below.

PC Workshops latest customer came in with his laptop experiencing lots of pop-ups and the machine generally taking an age to start, he mentioned downloading a FREE piece of software to convert music files, leading us to discover what  had piggy backed into his system at the same time.trojan horse

Once the laptop was started and eventually came to screen the infected Malware and potentially unwanted programs (pup’s)quickly became visible with pop ups making it impossible to do anything with the infected laptop.

PC Workshops anti malware programme always finds the usual culprit installed namely MY PC Backup every time we look at an infected machine, also an advertising malware programme called enterprise 1.1 accompanies this installation which causes pop-ups adverts to appear all over the screen, making it virtually impossible to surf web pages that he actually wanted to see.

Once we had run a full seek and remove scan which by its intensity automatically removes these known problems left us with a machine that carried neither pop ups or malicious software.

Malware Symptoms

While these types of malware differ greatly in how they spread and infect computers, they all can produce similar symptoms. Computers that are infected with malware can exhibit any of the following symptoms:

Increased CPU usage
Slow computer or web browser speeds
Problems connecting to networks
Freezing or crashing
Modified or deleted files
Appearance of strange files, programs, or desktop icons
Programs running, turning off, or reconfiguring themselves (malware will often reconfigure or turn off antivirus and firewall programs)
Strange computer behavior
Emails/messages being sent automatically and without user’s knowledge (a friend receives a strange email from you that you did not send)

Arcade Giant, Rocket Tab, Super Fish, My PC Backup, Cross Rider, Ads by Enterprise 1.1 and so on, the list is too numerous but they all carry the threat of unwanted advertising etc. or even worse.

PC Workshop can remove all these & More unwanted threats,

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