A local customer brought in his Mac Book Pro for us to have a look at as it would neither update to Yosemite (even through Ethernet) or go online wireless which is one of its most useful features.

PC Workshop carried out a number of tests and reset both safari and keychain amongst others such as permissions which the customer told us he’d had a “play” with but to no avail.

PC Workshop saved all his documents and pictures etc. before resetting the system and bringing it upto date with the current operating system of Yosemite.

Even after this was complete it would only then go online using Ethernet, further investigation followed and we found the actual airport card connecting wires had broken due to the normal operation of opening and closing of the lid, resulting in a short which had damaged the wireless power chip.IMG_1131_opt

PC Workshop rarely sees this sort of damage but the chip and wiring loom were replaced and all was operational.

The customer was reunited with his now updated fully functional mac and well pleased with his invoice.

PC Workshop can help you as well if your experiencing problems with either you Mac or PC

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