Macs are different to PC’s to upgrade as getting to the components isn’t as straightforward as it could be, but it’s still possible and you will  achieve an excellent performance boost with a  couple of hardware switches, while also saving a fortune in comparison to buying a new system!

While you can’t go throwing a high end graphics card into your iMac as cost versus performance has to be achieved, you can do a few other things to speed up a MacBook or iMac. Here’s what PC Workshop suggest.

Upgrade Your Hard Drive to an SSD or Swap your DVD to SSD

Solid-State Drives are without doubt the best upgrade you can make to your computer. The speedier hard drive enables your software to launch quicker and your operating system boot faster. Simply put, it’s one of the most noticeable upgrades you can make and one you will truly benefit from as most models can certainly utilise the SSD capabilities.IMG_1124[1]_opt (2)
While models of iMacs differ the results are truly awesome, and It’s still entirely possible to install an SSD in older iMacs, perhaps a little unnerving since you have to pop the glass off your display with special tools. That said, every model is a little different, so it’s worth speaking to our upgrade department (Me lol).

Add Extra Memory –  RAM

If you decide to upgrade, adding RAM to a Mac is fairly straight-forward and a quick boost. For example, an older 2010 MacBook can take 8GB provided you use 1066MHz RAM (RAM speed doesn’t really make a massive difference in performance unless you multi task and then its power/steadiness comes to the fore, but you do want to keep the speed the same on all your RAM sticks).

If you’re considering keeping hold of your Mac or MacBook an extra few years you can achieve great results with our upgrades, speak to Kevin@PC  for an idea of cost and turnaround times. Having your Model number or better still your serial number will help us quote for your particular needs but its not a must have as we can soon identify it.

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