PC Workshop finds even the macs have what seems like built in flaws just the same as windows based laptops and our latest customer proved the point in case.

His beloved Mac Book would please its self when it started as most of the time he received the dreaded folder with a ? mark on it!folder question

Now this scenario is a real shock as it suggests the hard drive has failed and if you haven’t created a back up all your data is lost forever. But all is not as it seems as once the hard drive is removed and tested on a second machine it passes the integrity tests and all the work etc. is safe. So what is the cause of this ? mark folder.

The answer could be the lack of communication between the hard drive and the motherboard, the initial built in flaw we mentioned earlier is the hard drive connection cable on this particular model of mac book as its well known to fail as is the connection socket on the motherboard.

This entails replacing both items (cable and socket) cable easy, socket NOT so as it sits on the printed circuit board.mac hd socket

Once the work has been carried out the Mac is good as ever and the delighted customer can carry on with his work.

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