PC Workshop has just saved a lady’s complete photo library of her grandchildren growing up after her hard drive had crashed and when reattached to another operational computer still couldn’t be seen in windows.

lady crying_opt

This is where PC Workshop’s dedicated recovery workstation comes into its own as it has more than one operating system to give us a fighting chance of rescuing documents etc. from what otherwise could be either a lost cause or a very expensive trip to a data recovery company.

The down side of this type of recovery is the time it takes to firstly locate the data and then retrieve it in small clusters before transferring to a external source for scanning and ultimately reuniting on the customers means of collection – i.e. discs or external hard drive etc. or in this case the lady’s new laptop.

PC Workshop managed to recover around 95% of the ladies data including the most important of all the grandchildren photographs. She was over the moon with our results and promised to tell all her family and friends of our diligence and expertise (her words).

happy lady_optPC Workshop also installed an automatic back up system on her new laptop to ensure there will be no repeat performance.

Of course she paid us for our efforts but the added bonus was the look of relief / satisfaction on the lady’s face when she collected the finished article was memorable.

PC Workshop can install a fail-safe back up system for you from as little as £25

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