Apple have genie shops, pity they cant work magic. Its all out with the old and in with the new, which is typical of today’s throwaway society, but as we all know Apple systems aren’t cheap so we have to achieve longevity to get our monies worth.

Now mac shops don’t or wont repair the actual logic boards (motherboards) and that means your left with a costly doorstop or paying out £££’s but we can and do diagnose and repair most logic board issues.

Albeit they’re not a cheap repair but a damn site cheaper than replacing your mac book or logic board, the time factor isn’t super fast (5-10 working days at best) but if you can cope without your trusty mac then we will do our utmost to have you reunited a.s.a.p.

This type of repair includes spillages as well as the more common problems.

We’re 2 minutes from J8 M62 not far from IKEA & M&S

01925 713359 or 07729 917926