Water damage and more seriously tea, coffee, juice and all sugar based drinks are the worst as they are not only excellent electricity conductors but the latter ones with sugar leave a residue that doesn’t simply evaporate. So if they get onto a chip inside your computer, or even form a bridge between two components that should not be connected, they can cause burnout and the failure of various elements of motherboards.

A Few Steps To Take

With all spillages turn it off! Power down the laptop immediately by holding the power button until the laptop turns off. Then remove the battery if possible and the A/C adapter. The biggest danger at first is the device shorting out. The electrolytic activity of combining electricity and liquids will begin as soon as the liquid contacts the powered circuits so removing the power source and battery immediately is essential.

(Baileys wasn’t this MacBooks Favourite tipple)

Turn it upside down to stop the liquid from traveling deeper into the machine. Clean up any part of the spill you can get to, using paper towels or any absorbent material that is lint-free.

Wipe up anything sticky,this may include the screen, the keys on the keyboard, and any buttons. Use a clean, slightly dampened, lint-free cloth. Disconnect all external devices.

Remove the battery if possible!

Try to drain as much liquid out of the laptop is possible, and mop up what you can.

Open the laptop and place on a towel in an inverted lazy “v” position spread as wide as possible with the keyboard virtually touching the towel if possible.

The chances of your data, pictures etc. being lost are greatly reduced by following the above instructions, contact us before turning the laptop back on as we can usually recover them before further damage can be caused by starting up.

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