PC Workshop Screen Service

Broken or cracked screens can vary from a small crack in one corner, jagged lines appearing across the screen  or just black patches on the visible screen.

It is surprisingly easy to damage your laptop screen and broken or cracked screens are most commonly caused by a knock to the screen, closing the laptop lid harshly or closing the lid onto a pen or other object. In all of these cases your screen will need to be replaced. This can be achieved at a reasonable cost and our experienced engineers can easily replace your laptop screen and have it back as new, in no time at all.

ipad screensmashed screen

Some can be fitted quite quickly (20mins) but others are more fickle in the way that the manufacturers are making them thinner and glue being used instead of the usual small screw fitment.
The good news is that we have yet to see a screen we cant replace albeit that as we mentioned some take longer to source and fit than others but that’s what we’re here for.
The upsurge in screen sales cant simply be afforded to our speed and expertise in fitting, we presume that cost is also a major factor in our popularity, we very often take an inquiry about the price a certain laptop screen and say an hour later (after a price check no doubt) the same person then phones back to book it in, which saves us phoning round to ensure our prices are competitive.
All in all a good situation for both the customer and ourselves. They save and we earn which keeps us in business.

If you need a screen replacement give PC Workshop a ring on Warrington 01925 713359

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