Broken screens are a common problem, but they don’t have to signal the end of your laptop. You wont pay over the odds for a simple fix. Our laptop screen replacement service ensures quick reliable repair for all makes and models of laptop.

Same-day laptop screen repairs. So you can keep working.

Whatever you’re working on—an important report, a project, or just to get online, we understand that a broken laptop is no joke.

We provide a full Laptop support service, and can repair or replace anything that’s needed to get you back up and running.

Smashed Screen

Cracked Screen

Screen Flickering

Screen goes on or off when moved

Lines on display

Loose or Broken hinges

Damage to lid or bezel

Display very dim or totally dark

No Display

Give Kev a ring  for a free repair estimate.

And as we stock a wide range of screens we can often replace your laptop screen in under an hour.

Were 2 Minutes from J8 M62 near to IKEA, M&S Etc.

01925 713359 or 07729 917926

 We’re 2 mins off J8 M62 Near M&S IKEA etc.

Just give us a ring to arrange a same day service.

01925 713359 or 07729 917926