PC Workshop had a local company bring in a couple of branded laptops that has a habit of shutting down unexpectedly, usually in the middle of working on orders when it mattered most to them.

A quick visual inspection reveals the cooling vents from the main processor and graphics chip looks to be blocked up and you could feel the heat after only a couple of minutes, this would cause the laptop to shutdown to prevent damage to the processors core.

While this doesn’t usually require new parts to be fitted it is  labour intensive work as the laptop has to be stripped down to its bare bones for effective cleaning to take place.

Here you can see the extent of the dust build up obstructing the vents.

Once cleaned and reinstalled the laptops will perform its workload in the manner intended and no more unexpected shut downs and lost work.


We do see this quite often as people rest the laptop on carpets or beds and the cooling fans suck in the fibres which build up and eventually block up the outlet vents resulting in slow systems and finally shutting down as this one did.


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