hp G6
Latest laptop on the bench was collected from a lady in the town centre of Warrington, she’d lent it out to her nephew (never again) and it no longer booted up, “missing operating system”.

PC Workshop tested her hard drive which was completely dead but thankfully the lady could do without her data as it wasn’t paramount. We could probably have recovered it if it had of been important as PC workshop regularly recovers lost data

We replaced the hard drive and reinstalled her Windows 7 operating system along with all the drivers and a host of ancillary programmes including an up to date security system.

We delivered the lady’s HP Laptop which she told us was now performing better than ever and promised to pass on our details to all and sundry.

The hard drive will carry a 12 months warranty and if the lady follows our short script regarding general maintenance the next time we see her laptop will be in the distant future.

PC Workshop will collect and analyze your laptop / computer for any faults and give you a fixed price with no hidden extras.

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