hp hinges

Thin Hinges on the base bend!

Latest customer to cross PC Workshops doorway is a chap with his daughters HP G6 Laptop with the screen hanging off due to a broken hinge, a scene we see with alarming regularity as the hinges are quite flimsy considering the amount of stress they cope with opening and closing. As you can see in the photo they are pretty thin after the bend from the base of the laptop which invariably they snap.

Not a difficult project but one that entails a total strip down of the laptop base and screen which means the biggest cost is the labour in doing so.

The other problem is that if its not repaired quickly the other hinge will follow suit and probably rip out the plastic holders that the screws tie the lid into the base.

hp laptop hinge

Hinge Ripped from Base

PC Workshop always advise customers to change them in pairs as for the small cost of a new hinge you have a sturdier result.

If your having similar issues with your pride and joy give us a ring on Warrington 713359 or 07729 917926

We’re sure we can put things right!

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