PC/Laptop running slow ? Updates can create all sorts of issues, possibly the worst one is when your stuck in a loop and can’t gain access to your data, or perhaps it just sticks on a black screen. We also see quite a few people that are complaining that after upgrading that their PC/Laptop is running very slow, taking forever to boot or simply not starting.

The issues with the system updates are seen on a regular basis and again are repairable with no loss of data.

Another faint possibility  is a faulty hard drive but the most likely scenario is that the installation has corrupted the operating system. If your experiencing these or any other issues give PC Workshop a ring as we’re well versed in overcoming these problems.

We can save your photos etc. before carrying out any subsequent repairs to ensure you don’t lose your memories of bygone times, so while it may have interrupted your day all is not lost!

We’re 2 minutes from Junction 8 M62 close to M&S, IKEA etc.