PC Workshop listens to customers as they tell us about their systems which have been working fine and have been shut down correctly but when the customer comes to boot it up the following day there are system boot errors and no explanations as to why the problem has occurred.

In Windows 8 for example you could be left simply with a black screen and a white mouse pointer, the machine may appear to be booting correctly and then just switch off and restart or you see the dreaded windows start-up repair in Windows 7, you may get a message saying NTLDR is missing or finally missing operating system, no matter how many times you try the inbuilt repair programme it returns you to the same window and cant start.protect data

PC Workshop finds that with luck these errors relate to missing or corrupt system files, more serious errors point to the hard drive having failed.

PC Workshop has experience resolving these problems on an almost daily basis, and we can turn around these repairs quickly and always at a cost that has your full knowledge, so nasty surprises.
PC Workshop will always save your data but a seriously damaged hard drive may cause data loss. Its sensible to have a separate back up of your most precious photographs etc.


Contact  PC Workshop on 01925 713359 / 07729 917926  we’re two minutes from J8 M62 near M&S Etc.

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