PC Workshop has found that many computer companies in the area won’t touch Mac Book’s, iMacs or Apple Hardware. But your local PC Workshop will be pleased to take on your Mac problems with a price to suit your pocket!

With this in mind we now offer a host of repairs to the Mac family.

All your hardware or software problems will be diagnosed and an estimate given for your repair, such as :-

  • Spinning beach ball
  • Flashing Folder on start upIMG_1124[1]_opt (2)
  • Hard Drives
  • Logic boards
  • Memory
  • DC-In boards
  • Case components
  • Graphics Cards
  • Power supply units
  • Optical drives
  • Display assemblies
  • Keyboards, mice, adapters etc.

Mac book Screen Replacement – If you have a cracked or faulty LCD display then we are able to fit replacement displays at hugely discounted prices while still fitting quality LG, Samsung or Sharp LCD’s as used by Apple.

Contact PC Workshop on 01925 713359  or 07729 917926  We’re two minutes from J8 M62