PC Workshop had a new customer from Chapelford bring in his HP tower for a hard drive upgrade as his current hard drive was virtually full. He purchased a 1Tb (1000Gb)HD from PC Workshop which we duly fitted and then cloned his current hard drive in its entirety to his new HD, thus ensuring no loss of work and very little down time (an hour or so at most)

hard drive

This method is quick and PC Workshop have carried out this operation many times as the people start to compile large video files of their nearest and dearest, which do take up a lot of space on HD’s.
PC Workshop then utilsed his old HD by reformatting the disc and installing a back up programme for certain data (you can choose what categories you want to back up!) He couldn’t back up his entire 1Tb HD but his general documents and photos could be backed up so he would always have two copies!

This isn’t as expensive as it may sound as its only £25 for the installation and set up , ring Kev (our resident data expert) for a costing 01925 713359

TOP TIP – An automatic back up programme is a must in today’s “it’s on the computer” scenario. Better to be safe than pictureless as my mum says!data problem