A customer from Great Sankey Warrington has brought his gaming Computer in as its running really slow! (like running in deep mud) his terminology :)

PC Workshop has run tests on his hard drive which showed up critical errors, the customer took PC Workshops advice to take this opportunity to have a Solid State Hard drive (SSD) fitted as his primary drive as the speed of loading is countable in seconds!!! these drives are REALLY fast.

gaming pcWe reloaded his operating system with windows 7 and reinstalled  all his drivers for sound etc. and then his graphics card driver update. He brought his own external drive along and we installed a back up system to safeguard future hard drive crashes and can b set to back up automatically.

PC Workshop carry these SSD’s as a normal stock item as speed is paramount in a modern world.

PC Workshop Warrington still managed to rescue and transfer his data(once Scanned) onto his new drive and he was back gaming that same night