PC Workshop bettered its own record for screen fitment when a customer from Liverpool who had found us through Google came in with a smashed Dell laptop screen, while he went to a nearby cash point we had his laptop stripped and new screen fitted in the time it took for his travels which amounted to 12 minutes.smashed screen

Obviously not all screens can be replaced so quickly as the assortment of fitments varies greatly not only from make to make but also from model to model, so it is difficult to carry all sizes and configurations but we try to carry all the main stream ones.

The customer told us that he was impressed with our reviews on www.freeindex.co.uk and more so when he noticed that we’re the 9th placed out of nearly 6,000 computer businesses in the UK. Quite impressive I’m sure you’d agree from our compact workshop.

If you’re having any screen or system problems give us a ring on Warrington 713359 we’re two minutes from Gemini retail park J8 M62.

laptop repair

You will find our integrity is matched by our competitive pricing!