Not everything that comes through the PC Workshop door is repairable and this was the case with a laptop owned by a Westbrook customer of ours.

He brought his laptop in as it would no longer charge a battery as the dc port was damaged to such an extent that he could not even run it from the mains.index

This problem was compounded by the fact it had other errors such as screen freezing up and faulty onboard mouse quirks, but the final nail in “laptop” was the way at times it wold lose its speed as if thinking of its next move! This can be a early symptom of hard drive failure.

With experience you can generally evaluate the problem within a few minutes and in this case it was a simple diagnostic that the dc jack had failed and that coupled with the other problems of the laptop it was decided not to be of economical repair.

The good news for our customer was that we carry refurbished laptops which are all of a high standard and come fully loaded and ready to carry out all the tasks you would expect from a new one.

These refurbished models will have undergone a complete reinstall of a fresh operating system and extra memory fitted before updating all the necessary drivers and programmes that we all take for granted, including a security package.

We also transfer free of charge all the data from the old laptop hard drive and we further give a three month warranty on all the laptop hardware.refurbished laptop 2

PC Workshop carries refurbished computer towers as well as laptops and notebooks and its always worth giving us a ring to find out our current stock.

If your system has perhaps reached the end of its useful life ring PC Workshop on 01925 713359 we will give it a FREE once over to assess the cost of repair or replacement