Tiny PC

PC Workshop has just been “working” on a computer that’s older than Methuselah, one look and you knew it had surpassed it useful lifetime, it’s been a while since PC Workshop saw a “Tiny” computer as they went bust in 2002.

PC Workshop advised the customer that her computers motherboard had blown more capacitors than a new board actually has fitted these days and a replacement motherboard if one were to be available would not be cost effective nor would the other parts be in a fit state to accept a faster data transfer etc. before they too were breaking down.

The simple answer for the lady was a replacement computer whether it be a new tower or a refurbished one. After discussing with our engineer and explaining her usage, she decided on a refurbished DELL tower which was ready for installation in her home within a couple of hours of transferring her data from her old 20Gb hard drive, which is transferred for free when you purchase either a new or refurbished computer / laptop from us, which also carries a warranty on hardware.

The customer was over the moon with her purchase and couldn’t believe the speed her “new” computer was capable of as her broadband had been really slow up to this point (it was the PC that was the real culprit as it was slowly breaking down).

PC Workshop always has a few refurbished computer towers and laptops for sale and if a repair isn’t going to be financially viable would always advise considering a replacement before throwing good money at a lost cause.

If you think its time to upgrade your current model give PC Workshop a ring and we can discuss some options with you.

PC Workshop on 01925 713359