PC Workshop provide a fast and competitively priced laptop power jack repair and excellent turnaround time. We have the experience to diagnose power supply faults quickly and suggest the most economical power jack repair. If a loose power jack is the problem, we can solder it back on to the motherboard. However, we may have to replace the whole power jack if it is broken.We keep a good stock of spare parts, including power jacks and chargers for all laptops and netbooks.

If you have the following problems with your laptop it is most likely to be the DC Jack (Power Socket)

Laptop Battery will not chargeIMG_1099
Loose DC Jack
Laptop does not turn on (No power)
Power changes from AC to Battery
Often loses power intermittently
Screen Flickering from Light to Dim

Contact PC Workshop today if your having similar problems or any Mac or computer issues!

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