If your Laptop is charging intermittently or fails to charge at all then the DC jack may have become damaged. Your power supply connects to the DC jack & provides the Laptop with power & charges the battery.

Over time the DC Jack can work loose from your laptops motherboard, perhaps as a result of the power supply being tugged whilst it’s plugged into to your Laptop, or if the power connector is knocked whilst it’s plugged into the jack.soldering dc jack_opt

It is recommended you get this looked into straight away, otherwise potentially this could cause further damage to your laptops motherboard

Symptoms of a broken power socket (DC jack) include:

  • If you hold your connecting cable in a certain position you can make it work until you leave go!
  • Your laptop battery does not charge.
  • No power up at all (a dead laptop).
  • The whole power connector is loose, pushed in, broken or missing.
  • The Laptop only runs on battery power even with the power cable plugged in.
  • Your screen flickers bright and dim when the tip of the charger is moved.
  • The metal pin in the centre of the jack is loose, pushed in, broken or missing.
  • No power charge light doesn’t come on (light up) when the power is connected.
  • Laptop DC Jack broken
  • Laptop Power Socket loose
  • Laptop Faulty power adapter
  • Laptop power point unstable

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