PC Workshops reputation for achieving results when others have failed seem to be reaching areas beyond our usual customer base as proven by us being recommended to a business from Liverpool, they told us of their problems in firstly finding someone to look at the hard drive and then once it became obvious that it wasn’t going to be an “easy” fix that the IT company gave up trying to rescue the data!
Thankfully they mentioned the problem to another business from St. Helens who pointed them in our direction. They gave us a ring to arrange an appointment and located our premises easily as we’re literally 2 mins from Junction 8 M62.
PC Workshop’s dedication to to recover customers data was sorely tested by this external hard drive as couldn’t be seen in Windows or for that matter any other operating system making it necessary to strip the hard drive down to extract the data, this has to be carried out in a “white box” so there can be no contamination from any particle of dust or a stray hair!
Once a replacement panel is fitted it can then be resealed and wired up to PC Workshop’s dedicated data recovery computer, this is the crucial episode as the next few minutes will tell us if the replacement part will allow us to rescue the data or if is there further damage to the actual platter.  Thankfully the time spent in carrying out this “operation” proved fruitful and a few hours later PC Workshop had restored the data to a new external hard drive, all 300 Gb of it.
Hard Drive Data Recovery Servicesprotect data
Hard drives are mechanical devices that have a finite lifespan and will ultimately fail.  It is not a case of whether a hard drive will fail just when it will fail. PC Workshop’s hard drive data recovery services are able to recover data from all leading manufacturer’s hard drives, Western Digital, Seagate, Samsung, Hitachi, Maxtor and Toshiba hard drives.  Our hard drive recovery service is able to recover data from both 2.5″ laptop hard drives and 3.5″ desktop hard drives.
With the proliferation of types of data storage devices and the amounts of data they can store. In addition to PC Workshop’s  data recovery services we are also able to recover data from the following storage devices:


External hard drive
Network Attached Storage (NAS)hard drive
USB memory stick data recovery
Memory card data recovery
CD/DVD data recovery

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