Data Recovery at PC Workshop is one of our more rewarding projects as the delight on customers faces when you tell them all is not lost truly makes the effort worthwhile.

We see the results of not backing up our data being photos, letters or music etc. on a weekly basis as when a hard drive crashes its not always possible to retrieve the items we cherish, but with PC Workshops data recovery programmes there always a better chance for us to do so and its a FREE examination to assess whats available before any charges are made.

PC Workshop took a call yesterday from a business customer in Padgate, Warrington. The lady’s main computer has crashed and she feared she’d lost all her work as there was no back-up system in place.

PC Workshop Warrington called round within the hour and firstly explained that there was a 99% probability that her data would be saved and so allay her fears that all her work was going down the drain. We removed her computer tower back to our secure premises and promised to phone her as soon as we had a definitive result (within the hour).data-recovery

Here at PC Workshop we have the programmes and experience to perform Data Recovery from a gamut of situations including accidentally deleted files (even after emptying Recycle Bin), accidentally formatting a drive, and drive errors (including when Windows tells you “The drive is not formatted, do you want to format it now?”, when you known perfectly well the drive is formatted, and contains precious data. PC Workshop has a similar product for Mac users as well.

We phoned the lady 45 minutes after leaving her office to give her the good news that all could be recovered and she would be up and running the following day. She was ecstatic and insisted that we install an automatic back up system to safeguard her priceless data.

PC Workshop has many means at its disposal to retrieve data, photographs etc. and will always strive to help a customer to recover what at first may seem a lost cause.

We’re two minutes from J8 M62 Near IKEA, M&S Etc.

Give us a ring and save the situation – 01925 713359

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