PC Workshop had a customer from Thelwall phone up on Saturday night (6.30pm) very concerned that he’d lost his lifetimes work of music and photographs of special places and events of recent years (Sri Lanka).hard drive

When he explained that his data was on external hard drives (yes two of them) but that neither were lighting up or being seen in windows we were able to calm the trouble waters so to speak, and inform him that in all likelihood we had an excellent chance of rescuing his data.

We arranged for him to call on Sunday morning while we examined the drives and to see what could be saved. After stripping them from the caddy cases and attaching them via cabling to our resident data recovery computer  it soon became obvious that we would be able to restore all his most precious data immediately to a third hard drive that he had brought along and continue to recoup the rest over the next day.

data back upHe was a very relieved and grateful man and went home happy in the knowledge that he would be reunited with his memories in a short while.

This is a very rare occurrence for TWO hard drives to crash, but this was more of a caddy failure than the actual system files on the drives!

Its definitely worth having a automatic back up system installed which PC Workshop can do for as little as £25! well worth the money as precious memories can never be replaced, or work that has taken X amount of hours to compile.

Give us a ring to have your work  safeguarded for £25. At that price its a no brainer.

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