Data recovery is fast becoming a regular occurrence and with it the inevitable question of what does it cost? While we try and be as transparent as possible all the recovery work we take on is different in that every job is beset with its own tale of woe so to speak!

Some times its drink spilled on a laptop which is pretty straightforward “usually” or a system that wont start which again is classed in the easier league, but then you can come up against obstacles that aren’t foreseeable thus making an early price forecast as difficult as picking the lottery numbers, such as when the holder of the data cant even be seen in windows or gives a message “this disc needs to be formatted”. PC Workshop has even rescued reformatted hard drive data and deleted data.

PC Workshop will always strive to give a true as possible estimate of what the cost will be and will not exceed the price quoted without prior consultation with the owner of the system, this is sacrosanct to us so that customers can at last go away with the knowledge that they’re safe and comfortable with the likely recovery (2)_opt

There are so many methods of storing data from

  • Desktop Hard Drives
  • Laptop Hard Drives
  • External Hard Drives
  • Servers
  • SSD’s
  • CD, DVD’s Memory Cards ans so on………………

All of them present their own forms of damage and with it the variations of recovery. So the short answer is that there isn’t a short answer that suits all circumstances.

PC Workshop will charge an initial £25 for time spent working on which solution is appropriate and how much data may be recovered, this will give us a clearer idea of a total cost plus  roughly how long it will take,  we then inform the customer before proceeding with the reclamation.

We rarely encounter a situation where we cant retrieve data but if that be the case no charge would be made!

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